Psalm 139 - Part 7

Psalm 139:5b And lay your hand upon me. Touch is one of the 5 love languages because so many crave knowing that there is someone beside them. A mother’s touch can do so much to heal a newborn baby struggling to live. We lay hands on our brothers and sisters in prayer because we know God is working through us. Touch is so important. In John 13:25 we see a beautiful picture, “Then leaning back on Jesus’ breast, he said to Him, “Lord, who is it?” (NKJV) Most people focus on the part of this passage that is asking about who is about to betray Jesus, but notice the first part, John (the beloved disciple) is lying back on Jesus. Close enough to hear the heartbeat of the one who created his heart.

Psalm 139 - Part 6

Psalm 139:5a You hem me in, behind and before There is a peace in knowing that you are fully surrounded by God. You are hemmed in, like something being fully sewn up and not able to escape. The felling you’d get when your parents would tuck the covers tightly around your tiny body so you wouldn’t be afraid that the shadows in the night would get you. That secure feeling that no matter what, Daddy could save you. That is what David is talking about here. Our Heavenly Father has secured us and protects us from things that creep in the dark. The original text of this passage give an imagery of an army surrounding a town on every side so that nothing can enter nor can it leave. These are ways we

Psalm 139 - Part 5

Psalm 139:4 Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether. Before the first sound we ever made on this planet, God knew each word that would be coming out of our mouths. That is a hard thing to get our minds around. To some this is a reason to not believe in God. He is so complex, our minds can’t wrap around the thought that someone could know every word that every person in all of time, throughout all the world would speak. Plus you add that there are all the language differences in there too. It makes my brain hurt just trying to compute it all. I find this is one of the most amazing reasons not only to believe in God but to worship His holy name. He is greater

Psalm 139 - Part 4

Psalm 139:3 “You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways.” The KJV text uses the word, “compassest” instead of “search out”. The Hebrew meaning for this word is “to scatter”, like when they separate the wheat from the chaff on the winnowing floor. Separating out the good from the bad. This is what God is doing with us. During our times of activity and our times of rest, God is sifting out our thoughts and actions. I don’t know about you but when I am active all day I don’t find my mind wandering into sinful thought patterns but when I lie down at night and my mind is at rest, I tend to allow my thoughts to reveal discontentment in my life, disappointments I h

Psalm 139 - Part 3

Psalm 139:2b “You discern my thoughts from afar.” What makes God, God, is that He is omnipresent (everywhere at all times) and omniscient (He knows all). The beauty of His mercy is that He sees all our actions and knows our deepest darkest thoughts yet loves us anyway. He beckons us to draw near to Him and longs for a real relationship. You know your child, you can predict what they are going to do before they do it. Even if you know they are going to make the wrong decision you still love them and wait for them to run to you for help. Unconditional love is hard at times to give and to accept. But as we love our kids unconditionally, so we are also loved by the Father in a way the world cann

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