What is normal these days?

As I sit here on the front porch watching my girls ride bikes, I am drawn to the bees that flutter around and in the midst of the large bush in front of me. Just days ago, the bush began to blossom and is now covered in beautiful white flowers which will only last for a short while. The bees seem to be taking great advantage of the flowers and tiny ants crawl up and down the branches. It occurs to me that even though my life has been halted, theirs continues completely uninterrupted. They know nothing of a virus, being quarantined, or staying six feet apart from one another. They are freely going about their day, business as usual. I wonder when we will get back to the point that life seems

Where are our Thoughts?

Where Are Our Thoughts? Think about the things of Heaven, not the things of this earth. Colossians 3:2 In the times we live in, it is so important to keep a positive attitude. To stay mentally strong. If we keep focused on the news, latest stats, and social media, it is so easy to fall into a depressive state. We must find a way to keep from falling into that dark hole. Paul gives a little guidance on how we can achieve this. In his letter to the Colossians, he tells them to think about Heaven - things of eternity - rather than thinking about this world. So first, we must familiarize ourselves with the things of Heaven. You can find this in reading your Bible and seeing what God’s Word says

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