Never Assume

Never Assume Christians tend to speak their own language. Those of us who were raised in fundamental denominations use terms such as “washed in the blood” that makes perfect sense to us, but is a foreign term to those we are trying to reach for Christ. This point was driven home to me several years ago when I accompanied a friend to witness to someone. The man we visited was a mutual friend. We were both aware that, although he was a good person, he did not know Christ as his savior. He was facing surgery for a terminal physical condition. We realized that this would probably be our only opportunity to reach him. We began to tell him about Gods love, and his plan for salvation. The excitemen

Where is this journey headed?

Where is this journey headed? You never know when life may change in a brief moment or why things happen to us. What does it all mean? Where is this journey heading? All the things that happened my mine and my husband’s life were all leading up to the moment God called him to start a church and to preach. Before that moment we were content in just serving in a church, using our talents to glorify God, talents that we once used to serve ourselves, following our own agendas. All of the failures, regrets and missteps we suffered were all leading us to the place where we could lovingly open a church that would serve the lost and broken children of God. God’s call may not fit into a typical churc

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