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Psalm 139 - Part 6

Psalm 139:5a You hem me in, behind and before

There is a peace in knowing that you are fully surrounded by God. You are hemmed in, like something being fully sewn up and not able to escape. The felling you’d get when your parents would tuck the covers tightly around your tiny body so you wouldn’t be afraid that the shadows in the night would get you. That secure feeling that no matter what, Daddy could save you.

That is what David is talking about here. Our Heavenly Father has secured us and protects us from things that creep in the dark.

The original text of this passage give an imagery of an army surrounding a town on

every side so that nothing can enter nor can it leave.

These are ways we see the omnipresence of God. He can fully surround me and you, all at the same time.

Look at the Israelites as they left Egypt, following behind Moses. We see God leading them with a pillar like cloud during the day then at nigh tit turns to fire to light their way. But we also see God as a pillar of smoke behind the caravan, in order to protect them from attacks. (Exodus 13:21, 14:19)

We serve a good father who hems us in and keeps us close. We just have to rest in that space.

Unfortunately, many think of this “space” as controlling and find ways to escape.

They run back to the comforts of this world.

But as so many have found out,

without the loving protection of the Father,

there is only chaos and destruction.

If you have found a way that is far from God, then stop, turn around, He is right there waiting for you to come back home and feel the secure comfort in His arms once again.

Thinking Deeper:

Where are you?

Within the protective arms of God or running to comforts of this world?

If you are running from God, then I want to know, what made you want to leave His protection?

What was so convicting that you turned from you Father rather than making the changes needed in your life?

Ok, you got that moment, that feeling you turned away….now look at where you are now…are things any better?

Take time in prayer to seek forgiveness for your transgressions, for turning away from God’s plan. Turn back to Him and watch, just as the prodigal son did, as the Father runs to greet you with open arms.

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