Psalm 139 - Part 2

Psalm 139:2a “You know when I sit down and when I rise up;” In His infinite mind, God sees every move of every one of His children. Just as a parent wants for their child to crawl, watches patiently for them to take their first steps; so God watches over our simplest tasks. He cares enough to know when I sit down. And when I sit down He waits for me to remember Him, to call upon Him, to meditate on His words. He gives me rest…restores my strength; and when I am sitting He is preparing for me to go! God then knows when I rise up. Jesus is there, standing beside me, ready to go out and proclaim the Good News. God knows that as I rise up there is a spiritual battle I am going to face…and He goe

Psalm 139 - Part 1

Psalm 139:1 To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David “O Lord, You have searched me and known me!” This Psalm speaks life into so many areas of our Christian life. David had no idea what strength his words would carry thousands of years later. Here I sit reading these words, praying these passages, writing them on the wall of our church’s prayer room and I can’t help but find comfort in knowing that... ...God made it a point for David to write this song. It was given so we could find God right where we are, see Him in all His glory, find ways to praise is name in all situations, to lament over sin and to be made aware that we are fully known by God and at the same time fully and unconditionally l

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