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Psalm 139 - Part 7

Psalm 139:5b And lay your hand upon me.

Touch is one of the 5 love languages because so many crave knowing that there is someone beside them.

A mother’s touch can do so much to heal a newborn baby struggling to live. We lay hands on our brothers and sisters in prayer because we know God is working through us. Touch is so important.


In John 13:25 we see a beautiful picture, “Then leaning back on Jesus’ breast, he said to Him, “Lord, who is it?” (NKJV)

Most people focus on the part of this passage that is asking about who is about to betray Jesus, but notice the first part, John (the beloved disciple) is

lying back on Jesus.

Close enough to hear the heartbeat of the one who created his heart. The trust comfort and closeness John had with Jesus is what we should all desire.

I recall one instance in my recent time of worship where I was moved to bow down in reverence. With my face to ground in awe of our Savior and all He was doing, calling out to my friend and desiring to be so close to Him that I could hear His heartbeat; I felt His hand on my back. As if He was seated next to me, taking in all the praise I could give. This moment of touch is hard to describe because it was not like human touch but my soul was comforted and overflowed with joy.

This second line of verse 5, “and You lay Your hand upon me.” Is short but oh so desirable.

To have our Creator lay His hand upon us in comfort and healing; letting us know that He is right there with us, that He is proud of us and that He will never leave us. It’s a touch of a loving Father guiding us.


Thinking Deeper:

Where are you in your life?

...A close friend of Jesus, resting upon His chest…Like Judas, ready to betray Jesus…or somewhere inbetween?

Have you ever thought of where you’d like to be?

How close to Jesus you actually want to be?

Maybe it’s been a while since

take time in prayer to just rest in His presence and praise His name.

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