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Psalm 139 - Part 2

Psalm 139:2a

“You know when I sit down and when I rise up;”

In His infinite mind, God sees every move of every one of His children. Just as a parent wants for their child to crawl, watches patiently for them to take their first steps; so God watches over our simplest tasks.

He cares enough to know when I sit down. And when I sit down He waits for me to remember Him, to call upon Him, to meditate on His words.

He gives me rest…restores my strength; and when I am sitting He is preparing for me to go!

God then knows when I rise up. Jesus is there, standing beside me, ready to go out and proclaim the Good News.

God knows that as I rise up there is a spiritual battle I am going to face…and He goes before me.

As the Psalmist says in Psalm 23, He leads me; by still waters, through green pastures, He is even there when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. And when I get to the other side, He has prepared a table for me and He watches as I sit down once again.

God is not just there when great things happen in my life, so we can celebrate. He’s not just there when tragedy strikes to comfort me. God is here. When I simply sit down and when it’s time for me to rise.

Think Deeper:

It is so awesome to know that God is in the midst of even our simplest actions, but what you do in those times is what really matters. When you are sitting, are you studying your Bible or praying?

When you rise up are you going forth to do good works that will glorify the Father?

God has prepared a day of rest for us, a Sabbath day, He desires that we sit down but it is not to satisfy selfish desires, it is to remember His goodness. In what ways can you remember God in those times of sitting and rising up?

Pray that God will give you rest when you sit and that He will show you your purpose when you rise up and send you out to further His kingdom.

We have to do both, sit and rise up, if we are always sitting then nothing will get done and if we are always on the go then we exhaust ourselves till we are of no use.

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