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Psalm 139 - Part 1

Psalm 139:1 To the choirmaster. A Psalm of David

“O Lord, You have searched me and known me!”

This Psalm speaks life into so many areas of our Christian life. David had no idea what strength his words would carry thousands of years later. Here I sit reading these words, praying these passages, writing them on the wall of our church’s prayer room and I can’t help but find comfort in knowing that...

...God made it a point for David to write this song.

It was given so we could find God right where we are, see Him in all His glory, find ways to praise is name in all situations, to lament over sin and to be

made aware that we are fully known by God and at the same time fully and unconditionally loved by Him.

In verse 1, David doesn’t ask God to search him, he realizes that God has already done so, is always doing so.

Do you ever look at your kids and wonder what they are thinking, why they are acting the way they do?

Do you try to pull stuff out of them? Wouldn’t it be nice to just know so you could fix the problem or share in their joy?

We are God’s children! He already knows;

our joy becomes His praise and because He knows what to do to fix the problem or heal the wounds, He has the desire to do so (or tell us what we should be doing). But just like our own kids, sometimes we don’t want to listen, to take parental advice…to take God’s advice.

God is omniscient, He knows everything! As we study this Psalm we will see that there is no where we can run to and no where we can hide that God is not there.

I will leave you with my favorite name for Jesus, Immanuel. It means “God with us”. God is all knowing, has searched my heart and my mind and yet He loves me anyways. That goes for you too.

Take comfort that your Father already knows and has a plan for you.


Think Deeper:

Is it comforting or scary to know that God already knows your deepest darkest thoughts?

Can you truly accept that God fully knows you and still fully loves you?

Take some time in prayer, find areas of your life that you hide from God. He already knows but wants us to open those areas up to Him so He can start to heal and restore us. His love is unconditional, ask Him to show you that love, seek it for your life. It can bring confidence and comfort to your soul.

Be the child you wish your children would be with you.

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