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June 22, 2024 is YES Day!


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Vacation Bible School: Say "Yes" to God!

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure at this year's Vacation Bible School! We're transforming our VBS into a "Yes Day" extravaganza where every child gets to say "yes" to excitement, creativity, and most importantly, to God. 

**Date: June 22, 2024**
**Time: 10am - 2pm**
**Location: 5575 Hendersonville Road, Fletcher, NC 28732**

What is "Yes Day" VBS?

On this special day, children will dive into a world where the answer to every fun activity is a resounding "YES!" From thrilling games to creative crafts, and inspiring Bible stories, kids will have the power to choose their adventures throughout the day. It's all about embracing joy, exploring faith, and discovering the power of saying "yes" to God's call.

The "Yes" Game Show

The highlight of our "Yes Day" VBS is the exciting game show! In this dynamic skit, kids will watch and participate as contestants face challenges that mirror real-life decisions. They will see how saying "yes" to God's calling can lead to a life filled with blessings and joy. Through laughter, cheers, and thoughtful moments, children will understand the importance of making the right choices and following Jesus.

Why "Yes" to God?

This Vacation Bible School isn't just about having fun—it's about instilling a lifelong message. By turning VBS into a "Yes Day," we're teaching children the significance of their choices and the joy that comes from saying "yes" to God's will. It's a lesson that extends beyond one day, encouraging kids to embrace a faith-filled life of purpose and love.

Join Us!

Don't miss out on this extraordinary day where fun meets faith! Register now for our "Yes Day" Vacation Bible School and let your child experience the joy of saying "yes" to God. Together, we'll make memories, learn valuable lessons, and embark on a spiritual journey that celebrates the power of a positive answer.

Say "yes" to an amazing day at VBS. Say "yes" to fun. Say "yes" to God!

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