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Do you know Him?

Do you know Him?

Today, the Scripture for our small group Bible Study included 2 Timothy 1:12, “for I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day.” As I read this, tears run down my face as I think of God’s faithfulness and how many Christians today do not hold on to this verse.

Do you truly know whom you have believed??? Without a doubt, do you understand the fullness of the Gospel, do you meet your Savior daily? It is a very simple process…talk to Him every day and get to know Him through His written word to us. Faith grows as we spend time with Him so we can be persuaded that God will keep what we have committed to Him…our lives, our actions, our families…until that day.

What is that day? It will be the day we meet Jesus fact to face. Whether by death or meeting Him in the air, it is inevitable for each and every one of us and if I don’t believe He can keep what I have committed to Him then what is the point of believing? Again I ask, “Do you know whom you have believed?” Do you understand His resurrecting power, His power to heal, His power to transform your life, His power…period?

On April 6th, my grandmother turns 101 years old. She knows and lives this verse. I have seen her faithfulness and her belief my entire life and seen her demonstrate this verse daily. I know she looks forward to “that Day” which is approaching her rapidly and I want to follow her footsteps. I long for those around me to firmly grasp 2 Timothy 1:12 too, whether we have a few more hours or decades left on this earth.

Do you truly know Him? That is the only thing that matters!

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